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Frequently Asked Questions

expand  How is technology fee use determined? 
expand  How is the technology fee assessed? 

​All full-time and part-time students registered through The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, registration system will automatically be assessed the Technology Fee. Both graduate and undergraduate students will be assessed the fee each semester on a $12 per credit-hour basis. As of 2015-2016 there will be a $120 cap.


​Prior to the First Official Day of Classes
If a student withdraws or is dismissed from the University, the Fee will be adjusted 100%. If the student drops or adds hours, the Fee will be adjusted accordingly.

The First Official Day of Classes
If a student adds additional hours or reduces the number of hours, the Fee will be adjusted accordingly. If a student withdraws on or beyond the first official day of classes, the Fee will not be adjusted.

Under extraordinary circumstances, individual requests for waiver of the Fee may be submitted to the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO for Information Technology for review.


expand  Is the technology fee intended for capital or non-capital items? 
expand  Submitting a technology fee success story 

What you should include:

  1. Title
  2. 1-2 paragraph(s) describing the usage and benefit of the Technology Fee
  3. College/Department/Organization
  4. An image

A note on images:

Images should be 600px X 200px and in the JPEG (.jpg) format. OIT can provide photography services if needed. Please, contact the HelpDesk to schedule a photo shoot. If you do not submit a photo with your success story, OIT can select an image from a stock photo gallery for you. Note: Stock images are selected based on relevance to the written material and will not be changed.

Please submit images as separate files. DO NOT embed images into a text document.

If you need assistance formatting images, please contact the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900.

expand  What are the funding requirements? 
expand  What effect will the technology fee have on those of us who live off campus? 

Off campus students are granted access to their mobile devices via the robust wireless infrastructure that is partially funded by tech fee. For remote or distance use, tech fee funds the use of Blackboard and Apps@UT, the campus' remote desktop solution.There are also a number of popular software packages that are funded for download/access for all students.  

expand  What is the policy for refunds and adjustments? 
expand  What type of software products are made available to students as a result of the technology fee? 

​The technology fee funds a long list of research and educational software listed at

If students have requests for additional software to be carried under a site license, they should voice their needs to their student representative on the Technology Advisory Board.


expand  What will the technology fee provide for students? 
expand  Who controls the technology fee? 

​The fee is levied by the Board of Trustees; all money derived there from are University or "state" funds and are under University (State) control. Administrative officers on the Knoxville campus are charged with control of all aspects of the technology fee. The Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO of the Knoxville campus, acting as the fiscal officer for the general account is responsible for the day-to-day fiscal control of the Fee and for the presentation of an annual budget that reflects the purpose of the technology fee as previously stated herein. Appropriate consultation with students and faculty will be sought. It is recognized, however, that while seeking consultation in matters pertaining to the Fee, the Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO of the Knoxville campus and other administrative officials will not delegate "control."

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