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Technology Fee Usage

Technology Fee funds for Colleges and Units will be distributed based on the following usage guidelines. A yearly amount is allocated to each College/Unit based on a formula. The Technology Fee Advisory Board (TAB) reviews proposed expenditures to ensure planned expenditures are appropriate uses of Technology Fee funds.

Appropriate Student Technology Fee expenditures include:

  • Specialized computing equipment required for course work (example: electronic manikins for College of Nursing).
  • Departmental computing lab hardware and software.
  • Digital peripherals such as GPS devices, still and video cameras, DVD players, and other technology equipment to be used in teaching and student’s academic work.

Student Technology Fees cannot be used to fund:

  • Departmental staff salaries.
  • Unused Tech Fee funds may not be carried over.

After verification of appropriate use, Colleges/Units order hardware and software directly from vendors and are reimbursed by OIT with their allocated Technology Fee funds. Hardware and software is immediately added to the inventories of Colleges/Units.

Technology Fee Process

Annually in the spring, the Technology Fee Advisory Board will solicit requests from the colleges and select administrative units. These requests will be expected to include the following information:

  • Accomplishments: A list of accomplishments in the last 12 months with your unit’s Tech Fee award (what did you do, and how have you measured impact).
  • Plan Update: Any updates to the existing plan to include mapping of your unit’s requests to Top 25 Vol Vision goals.
  • Annual Request: An itemized request (using the provided Excel file) on the current plan. Using the broad focus areas listed below, indication must be provided on how the proposed expenditures align to one or more of the “areas of focus” for each.
  • Priority: Please classify each request based on your unit’s order of importance from “1” being highest priority, to “3” being the lowest priority. You may have multiples at each level. Additionally, information on how units intend to measure the impact of each Tech Fee investment(s) is requested.
  • Key focus areas in the Vol Vision include:
    • Undergraduate Education
    • Graduate Education
    • Research
    • Faculty and Staff
    • Infrastructure and Resources

The deadline for receipt of all Funding Request documents is April 21, 2023.

Funding Request documents should be sent to Mona Hernandez at [email protected].

There are 2 required Funding Request documents. Please be sure to adhere to the provided file name conventions.

  1. Colleges/Units will prepare and submit a list of accomplishments for the most recent fiscal year (what did you do, and how have you measured impact). This should be a Word document named, “your college or unit_FY____accomplishments.” If you also include any “Success Stories” that could be used on the Tech Fee website, that would be appreciated as well.
  2. Colleges/units will prepare and submit an itemized request using a provided Excel file. The file should be named, “your college or unit_FY____request.”

Important Dates (subject to some adjustment):

March 24: Deadline for submission of all funding request documents

April 21: TAB Reviews plans at April meeting

Early May: Colleges/Units receive award verification and purchase reimbursement guidelines

July 1-March 31: Colleges/Units place orders with vendors

July 1-March 31: Reimbursement for expenses following standard guidelines ​